Arch Linuxインストール記(GUI環境を整えよう編)に戻る。

extra/imwheel 1.0.0pre12-3
    Mouse Wheel Tool for XFree86/Xorg
extra/xf86-input-acecad 1.3.0-2 (xorg-input-drivers)
    X.Org acecad tablet input driver
extra/xf86-input-aiptek 1.2.0-2 (xorg-input-drivers)
    X.Org Aiptek USB Digital Tablet input driver
extra/xf86-input-calcomp 1.1.2-3 (xorg-input-drivers)
    X.Org CalComp Drawing Board input driver
extra/xf86-input-citron 2.2.2-1 (xorg-input-drivers)
    X.Org Citron Infrared Touch input driver
extra/xf86-input-digitaledge 1.1.1-3 (xorg-input-drivers)
    X.Org Digital Edge Tablet input driver
extra/xf86-input-dmc 1.1.2-3 (xorg-input-drivers)
    X.Org DMC FIT10 serial input driver
extra/xf86-input-dynapro 1.1.2-3 (xorg-input-drivers)
    X.org DynaPro Touch Screen input driver
extra/xf86-input-elo2300 1.1.2-3 (xorg-input-drivers)
    X.org ELOGraphics 2300 TouchScreen input driver
extra/xf86-input-elographics 1.2.3-2 (xorg-input-drivers)
    X.org Elographics TouchScreen input driver
extra/xf86-input-evdev 2.2.4-1 (xorg-input-drivers)
    X.org evdev input driver
extra/xf86-input-fpit 1.3.0-2 (xorg-input-drivers)
    X.Org Fujitsu Stylistic Tablet PC input driver
extra/xf86-input-hyperpen 1.3.0-2 (xorg-input-drivers)
    X.Org HyperPen Tablet input driver
extra/xf86-input-jamstudio 1.2.0-3 (xorg-input-drivers)
    X.Org KB-Gear JamStudio pentablet input driver
extra/xf86-input-joystick 1.4.1-2 (xorg-input-drivers)
    X.Org Joystick input driver
extra/xf86-input-keyboard 1.3.2-2 (xorg-input-drivers)
    X.Org keyboard input driver
extra/xf86-input-magellan 1.2.0-3 (xorg-input-drivers)
    X.Org Magellan Space mouse input driver
extra/xf86-input-magictouch (xorg-input-drivers)
    X.org magictouch input driver
extra/xf86-input-microtouch 1.2.0-3 (xorg-input-drivers)
    X.org microtouch input driver
extra/xf86-input-mouse 1.4.0-2 (xorg-input-drivers)
    X.org mouse input driver
extra/xf86-input-mutouch 1.2.1-3 (xorg-input-drivers)
    X.org mutouch input driver
extra/xf86-input-palmax 1.2.0-3 (xorg-input-drivers)
    X.org palmax (TR88L803) touchscreen input driver
extra/xf86-input-penmount 1.4.0-2 (xorg-input-drivers)
    X.org penmount input driver
extra/xf86-input-spaceorb 1.1.1-3 (xorg-input-drivers)
    X.org spaceorb input driver
extra/xf86-input-summa 1.2.0-3 (xorg-input-drivers)
    X.org Summagraphics tablet input driver
extra/xf86-input-synaptics 1.1.2-2 (xorg-input-drivers)
    synaptics driver for notebook touchpads
extra/xf86-input-tek4957 1.2.0-3 (xorg-input-drivers)
    X.org tek4957 input driver
extra/xf86-input-ur98 1.1.0-6 (xorg-input-drivers)
    X.org ur98 input driver
extra/xf86-input-vmmouse 12.6.4-1 (xorg-input-drivers)
    X.org VMWare Mouse input driver
extra/xf86-input-void 1.2.0-1 (xorg-input-drivers)
    X.org void input driver
extra/xf86-video-apm 1.2.2-1 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org Alliance ProMotion video driver
extra/xf86-video-ark 0.7.1-3 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org ark video driver
extra/xf86-video-ati 6.12.2-2 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org ati video driver
extra/xf86-video-chips 1.2.1-3 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org Chips and Technologies video driver
extra/xf86-video-cirrus 1.3.2-1 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org Cirrus Logic video driver
extra/xf86-video-dummy 0.3.2-1 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org dummy video driver
extra/xf86-video-fbdev 0.4.1-1 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org framebuffer video driver
extra/xf86-video-geode 2.11.2-1 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org AMD/Geode LX & NX video driver
extra/xf86-video-glint 1.2.4-1 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org GLINT/Permedia video driver
extra/xf86-video-i128 1.3.3-1 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org Number 9 I128 video driver
extra/xf86-video-i740 1.3.2-1 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org Intel i740 video driver
extra/xf86-video-intel (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org Intel i810/i830/i915/945G/G965+ video drivers
extra/xf86-video-mach64 6.8.2-1 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org mach64 video driver
extra/xf86-video-mga 1.4.11-1 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org mga video driver
extra/xf86-video-neomagic 1.2.4-1 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org neomagic video driver
extra/xf86-video-nouveau 0.0.10_git20090612-2 (xorg-video-drivers)
    Open Source 3D acceleration driver for nVidia cards (eperimental)
extra/xf86-video-nv 2.1.14-1 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org nv video driver
extra/xf86-video-r128 6.8.1-1 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org ati Rage128 video driver
extra/xf86-video-radeonhd 1.2.5-1 (xorg-video-drivers)
    Experimental Radeon HD video driver for r500 and r600 ATI cards
extra/xf86-video-rendition 4.2.2-1 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org Rendition video driver
extra/xf86-video-s3 0.6.2-1 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org S3 video driver
extra/xf86-video-s3virge 1.10.3-1 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org S3 Virge video driver
extra/xf86-video-savage 2.3.1-1 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org savage video driver
extra/xf86-video-siliconmotion 1.7.2-1 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org siliconmotion video driver
extra/xf86-video-sis 0.10.2-1 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org SiS video driver
extra/xf86-video-sisusb 0.9.2-1 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org SiS USB video driver
extra/xf86-video-tdfx 1.4.3-1 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org tdfx video driver
extra/xf86-video-trident 1.3.2-3 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org Trident video driver
extra/xf86-video-tseng 1.2.2-1 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org tseng video driver
extra/xf86-video-v4l 0.2.0-3 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org v4l video driver
extra/xf86-video-vesa 2.2.0-1 (xorg xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org vesa video driver
extra/xf86-video-vmware 10.16.6-1 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org vmware video driver
extra/xf86-video-voodoo 1.2.2-1 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org 3dfx Voodoo1/Voodoo2 2D video driver
extra/xorg-apps 7.4-2
    Various X.Org applications
extra/xorg-font-utils 7.4-2
    X.Org font utilities
extra/xorg-fonts-100dpi 1.0.1-2 (xorg)
    X.org 100dpi fonts
extra/xorg-fonts-75dpi 1.0.1-2 (xorg)
    X.org 75dpi fonts
extra/xorg-fonts-alias 1.0.1-2
    X.org font alias files
extra/xorg-fonts-cyrillic 1.0.0-4
    X.org cyrillic fonts
extra/xorg-fonts-encodings 1.0.2-3
    X.org font encoding files
extra/xorg-fonts-misc 1.0.0-4
    X.org misc fonts
extra/xorg-fonts-type1 7.3-1
    X.org Type1 fonts
extra/xorg-res-utils 1.0.3-3 (xorg)
    X.Org X11 resource utilities
extra/xorg-server 1.6.3-3 (xorg)
    X.Org X servers
extra/xorg-server-utils 7.4-6 (xorg)
    X.Org utilities required by xorg-server
extra/xorg-twm 1.0.4-3 (xorg)
    Tab Window Manager for the X Window System
extra/xorg-util-macros 1.2.2-1
    X.Org Autotools macros
extra/xorg-utils 7.4-4 (xorg)
    Collection of client utilities used to query the X server
extra/xorg-xauth 1.0.3-1
    X.Org authorization settings program
extra/xorg-xdm 1.1.8-2
    X Display Manager
extra/xorg-xfs 1.0.8-2
    X.Org X11 xfs font server
extra/xorg-xinit 1.1.1-1 (xorg)
    X.Org initialisation program
extra/xorg-xkb-utils 7.4-2
    X.org keyboard utilities
extra/xterm 243-2 (xorg)
    X Terminal Emulator